Update on the current Inertia.js state

As mentioned in my recent blog post, I released a new version of the Inertia.js Preact Adapter. Before I started updating the adapter, I already noticed that there were some changes in the Inertia.js repository, including a restructuring of the workspace and package versioning.

However, the renaming of the workspace packages means that for the Inertia.js core package, as well as for the adapter packages, completely new NPM packages have been created. I noticed this only after I published the new version of the Pract Adapter.

The versions for beta and latest package were apparently tagged incorrectly.

The bottom line is that the new Preact Adapter version I created is not based on the latest package and because I can't help it, I have already created a new version, which I will release later today.

I am happy that the development seems to continue, but this is a breaking change that is not mentioned anywhere by the developers (at least I have not found any information about). In addition, the changelog is outdated and complete versions are missing.

Anyway, since the restructuring is still very new and possibly not yet completed, I can imagine that an update with information on this will take place in the near future.

Update: @robertboes gave me the hint, that there is a next subdomain which provides an upgrade guide: https://next.inertiajs.com/upgrade-guide

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