PS5 offline exploit host with BDJPlus

Earlier this week, PS5Scene developer Euro Ali published some information regarding his concept of modifying the bd-j runtime to run existing bd-j exploits without a Blu-ray writer.

The target is to run exploits using only a Blu-ray drive, without the need for a web browser, no need for a Blu-ray writer.

Later he stated:

PS4 and PS5 use the bdjstack.jar loader to load bd-j content while running java, applying bytecode injection to this loader gives it a lot of functionality such as executing jar without writing Blu-ray, starting a web server, etc.

Currently, BDJPlus has the following requirements:

  • PS5 with BD-Drive
  • Firmware 3.00 - 4.03
  • A legit BD-J supported disc (we used Warcraft: The Beginning)
  • FTPS5 with MTRW (SiSTR0 or EchoStretch)

And the following features:

  • Web server, hosted on the PS5 (including jar loader & log reader) can host any content
  • Offers both BD-JB & Self Hosted WebKit JB
  • Both exploits can be applied offline
  • Exploit can be updated easily with FTP
  • It is possible to develop own modules

To get more in detail:

  • bdjstack_kernel.jar - Allows sending system notification
  • bdjstack_webserver.jar - Creates web server, content getting from www
  • bdjstack_injector.jar - Pressing LEFT, LEFT, SQUARE, RIGHT, RIGHT injects inject/000000.jar

I had the opportunity to test BDJPlus on my PS5 (fw 3.20) and published a video for demonstration. Euro Ali will publish BDJPlus when it is done, including more features.